News & Events / Circus Starr Outing – 24 January 2017

Circus Starr Outing – 24 January 2017

We are excited to take families to Circus Starr on Tuesday 24 January at Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh, 4.30pm – 7pm.

Circus Starr is a world class, touring circus featuring acrobats, dancers and entertainers from across the globe. It is also an independent, charitable organisation that supports disabled, underprivileged and vulnerable children across the UK through a 75 venue tour held three times a year.

With a pantomime based on the enchanting tale of Aladdin and with lots of colour, entertainment, and tricks, Circus Starr is sure to provide lots of fun and amazement.

If you and your child would like to come along please visit our Facebook page and comment on our event here.